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2022 CVRA Board Members

President: Don Myrol
Vice President: Larry Parcher
Treasurer: Karen Spyker Steegstra
Secretary: Lynda Harris
Area H Representative: Taryn Dixon
Trustee: Jeffrey Lemieux
Trustee: Michelle Lemieux
Trustee: Bruce Millar
Trustee: Louise Millar
Trustee: Brock Rodgers

Hall Rental: Cathy Parcher
Social & Event Committee:
  Shasha Jacobsen
  Michelle Lemieux
Communications: TBA


About us

The Columbia Valley Community Centre is owned and operated by the Columbia Valley Ratepayers Association, a not for profit society established in 1968. Membership in the Association is open to property owners and residents in the Valley.

As the Ratepayers Association we discuss and address concerns that affect all the residents in Columbia Valley and work to keep it a safe and vibrant community.

Throughout the year we hold a variety of functions, some as entertainment and community events and some as fundraisers. To help fund the maintenance and upkeep of the hall, we also rent the facilities to members and the public for other functions.


The Valley Beyond by Howard Cramer is a delightful and informative book. It details first hand accounts, the development of Columbia Valley from its early pioneer days as part of the community of Lemola at the end of the 1800's through the settling of the international border between Canada and the USA and the creation and naming of Columbia Valley proper.

Included are many priceless pictures and details of the early residents who gave their names to the roads in the valley (and still have family members living in the area) as well as details of local infrastructure and development.

The book is available for purchase through the Columbia Valley Ratepayers Association. Click here to request your copy.

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